Toucan with bug

Bugged toucan.

Toucan with a bug in his mouth in the Montevere cloud forrest.

We spent the last day in Costa Rica in Monteverde. We rove up from Santa Elena where we had staid and up the mountain to Monte verde hoping that the weather would stay ok. Up on our arrival (about 1 1/12 hour to late) we where told that we could get on a waiting list to get in to the forrest. They have a restriction on how many people can enter at any given time. This was not a good sign as this meant also that there would be no animals to see. Still we decided to wait and take a 2 hours hike in the forrest. Its not like you can get to a cloud forrest in Iceland any time you want. This proofed to be as good idea as the on of mine not being lazy and carry every photo apparatus that I had with me on this trek.

Just about middle of our walk we saw a bird flying and stopped. So did he in a tree not so far away. But not fully comfortable he kept on hopping between branches until he ha circled us twice having a goo look at these strangers.

Toucan with a bug in his mouth in the Montevere cloud forrest.

I got on fairly clear shot of him and got this shot. I was even happier when I saw that what he had in his mouth was as sharp as I had hoped.

Much nicer than the rest of the day driving down the mountain again. 40 km of horrible road and it took us about 3 hours.