Small or medium 4x4 rv

Smaller to medium size 4 x 4 expedition RVEarth roamer in baja

The USA buildt Earth Roamer

What is there to choose from if you do not want to build an expedition vehicle but buy one. It is in fact a lot. Lot more than one would think of. It all comes down to size and how you are going to use it. Most of all it comes down to money and how much you are willing to spend. New rigs go from $50.000 and reaches the sky for those most expensive.

Modified camper on truck bed For shorter travels there is plentiful of rigs to be found and even though I do not like the van type of chassis, it is enough for building out a camper for shorter trips. Sportsmobile is one of those built in USA that looks nice. I have not taken a look inside one but stumbled up on couple of them in Baja. The only drawback is the popup, it is a tent type. It is ok in nice weather but has in extremities proven to be cold an noisy. The newest of cars they use to build out is a car that is to be loved. The Merchedes Benz/dodge sprinter. It has proven to be strong and reliable in Europe and the diesel engine very reliable. It handles well and has plenty of both power and carrying capacity. The plush side is then the milage which is grate. From their website there is a diversity of design to be choose from and space is fairly well used.

Marcus is driving this Mitchubishi around the world If I where to build me a new rig of the smaller type, the sprinter would be my first selection for the chassis and body. I would not have to look towards the Icelanders to build it out as there is an Austrian company that already have done that nicely. The Achleitner company makes the Mantra 4 x 4 Take one of those and throw some cupboards and bed inside and you are ready to go any where.

I have a big problem with the american type of design. It does not matter which type of camper or motorhome is built. It seams that all of them have to have a sofa!!!. Even the smallest of them have a sofa. This is the case with Provan Industries Tiger MX Tigermotorhomes I have not seen one on the road but it is being based on the Chevrolet 2500 and also on the Ford 350. Even though it is a four wheel drive it lacks lot of the things I wold like. The chassis seams not to be raised much and be of the standard type. I guess you could have them build the camper on one that had been raised and changed already. I do like the aluminum frame it is build on. You can see every thing about how it is build on their webside Tigermotorhomes There are others of the medium to smaller type (maybe not so small) one of them is the Earth roamer that I like the best by the looks, specs and what I have seen. Take a look at their website it says it all. Beautiful design and nifty gadgets. I still though question the chassis and how it is built out. I still think the Icelanders would go in other directions there and do it better. :) But I might be wrong. Still I know I would not like to take that one into much snow off the beaten path. For that it would need different set of tires. To see what I mean you can take a look at the cars build out by Arctic trucks

One of the Rv s in the middle to upper class is the Explorer excursion. They have a range from 21 to 27 feet long rigs. I looked in to those when searching for a rig. There are two no no s that you just do not have in an expedition vehicle. Duals in the rear and a slide out. Both will get you in trouble along the way. I guess they never have build the version on the F 750 as the photo of that one is so badly photoshopped. You can see how the camper does not fit the angle of the chassis. Any way, this car can be fine for those that want a big rig, somewhat cooler than many and can go on dirt roads. I would not recommend it with out trying, for off road. Not from what I can sea and read on the specs.

The idea of building a camper on the F750 Sounds good though. They have a wide range of chassis to offer for build out. International, Freightliner, Peterbild, Sterling, Chevrolet and ford amongst others. Action mobile is yet another german company. their webside is in english and they have all kinds of cars in the up to 3.5t range. Iveco, Merchedes bens sprinter and the smallest the Toyota. They seem to be knowing what they are doing even though I do not agreee with them in every thing. I do like the interior design and the design of the smaller campers. I do not particularly like the solution of the Sprinter from Bimobile. I like the larger and smaller campier version better. But each to his own taste. You can find their web Bimobile.desite both in english and German. Ormocar builds out all kinds of vehicles. I do really like their work in the interior. They have now reach the mark of building 300 expedition mibiles of different kind. Some thing not every company can brag about. So they have good experience. I like what I have seen at their website Here are few others that do not all have english websides. Geocar is probably the coolest looking off road camper that I have ever seen. The style and look is amazing.It is like design from some futuristic space movie. Unfortunately it is small and not for long travels. on top the site is only in German. Alustar has some of the niftiest design. I specialy like their panoramadach. wich is the roof over the bed. You can open it up and at night look at the stars (while being bit by bugs).

Tartuga in Swizerland builds cabins on all kinds of vehicles. One of them is the Sprinter. I do like more what they are doing to the bigger type fo vehicles and the smaller Toyota. Of course they took the sprinter for a test spin in Iceland and you can see those images here One of the strangest name of 4x4 expedition trucks in this buissness is SCAM. Yepp thats right they gave it the name scam. it does not look like one and seems to be a nice build out. Based on Iveco there is so many things to be liked about this car and the design. i would not like to travel the world in it but for shorter trips It seems to be verry good. And where on earth did they take it for a test drive. Iceland of cource. Here you can see their gallery Bocklet is a German company that builds out all kinds of vehicles.

Of special interest there would be their build out of toyota. You can se it here Tourfactory is an other German company they specialize in smaller camper type built on the Toyota amongst others. Their website is only in german language. An other one that builds out the Toyota in germany and is small but not ranked as camper is the Extreme mobile RL mobile in Swisserland builds out expedition mobile based on what you want. they are all custom built and of course then driven to Iceland for testing :). Their web is only in german language but you can at least take a lokk at the gallery and see the Iveco type here Proactive build out the toyota as well as bigger type of vehicles. Inovation Campers build out the Toyota as it has been so popular. Uben-Gmbh in Germany builds out the Bremach, Toyota and Unimog. Uben-GmbH