Rv travelling

Benzi crossing a wood bridge on the way to Gales Point in Belize I get a lot of questions regarding our little camper. Mostly if it is custom built or manufactured. Well it is not manufactured and few 4 x 4 are. There are though shops around the world that custom build them, but most of them are in europe. Still in USA there are few. When I was looking for a rig that we could use for our trip I had no real knowledge of what I was looking for. I spent tremendous amount of time on the net searching for the right car in USA and Canada. Still I found no RV that had 4 x 4, european interior design and was not to expensive. But I learnt a lot about all kinds of rigs. Just about when I had decided to build it my self we found our Benz when searching european websites, not strange as most of these are build in Germany. The best thing it was stationed in Texas.
I have gathered and kept all that information and as there seam to be a lot of people thinking about 4 x 4 RV I have decided to make a division here on our web side where I go through different makes and models of RV's and where you can get information about them. Unfortunately not all information to be gotten are in english, some are in German language and other in France or Italian. I will provide links to these sites and even in some cases translate some information, but I can only translate scandinavian language or German, I have no knowledge of France or Italian.

Close to the Panama Canal we met up with fellow world travelers from Germany, Italy and USA Hopefully these information will help out those that are thinking of building or buying an 4 x 4 RV, RV, Bus, Camper, Expedition vehicle or what ever kind of Motorhome one is thinking of. At least give them some ideas. As we are learning along the way about different things regarding Motorhomes and traveling in Central and South America we will post informations about them. F.X our experience regarding the Mexican customs are totally different than any book we have read about it. That is because most of them are for US citizens not us europeans.