Stuck in Bergen

Hraun art and design web shop
Hraun art and design web shop

It might sound as a bad thing, us being stuck in bergen, Norway but its not as bad as it sounds. Of course we would love to be on the road again but as things did tumble down the road to hell after the financial crash in Iceland we have had to lear to look at life differently. There we draw from the experience gathered while on the road.

We don’t like to sit around and do nothing. We are creatives, artists and if we are not on the move we have to do other things to satisfy our soul and hopefully through it give others some satisfaction to. Drawing from the traveling experience we have started to design and produce things we would not have dreamt of creating before hitting the road.

We have started a company called Hraun - art and design and have had a open shop in Bergen now since last summer. We are selling jewelry and leather and fish leather products that we design and create our selfs. How long its going to be open remains to be seen but the process of creating will stay with us hopefully for ever as we have also opened up a web shop with the goods we make. Yes goods WE make because we make every thing our selfs and take pride in handcrafting every thing to our liking of perfection. 

Does this mean that we will never hit the road again? I hope not. our goal is still to be able to hit the road and travel the world in the way we like the best an offroad vehicle like Benzi, but it might have to wait a year or two, we will see. 

Until we see you on the road keep on trucking, stay tuned and stay happy.