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We just learnt that our friends that we met in Guatemala Juergen Klein and Yasha Langford are hitting the road again after taking a break from their world traveling for the past 3 and a 1/2 years. Jurgen has spent a much of his time in Germany this winter working on the new benz they bought, converting it from a fire truck to a Off road RV and preparing it for the future travel. They state at their website:

"What? A new update? After almost 3½ years? YES!

The travel bug is still with us, although we're not really on the road yet. But the first steps are done: we have sold or packed up our remaining possessions and have left Australia for an indeffinite time. Right now we are in Germany, working on our new truck and looking for a job… Yasha felt the urge to write a summary of where we're up to, initially meant for family and friends back home, but then we decided it might as well go onto this web page.

For the immediate future we will be busy with our new vehicle, and this web site will change too. I would like to transfer it to Wordpress®, start with a fresh mobile friendly design, options for comments, and more. The "old site" will remain as an archive in it's current form – still linked from the new one. But now I'm getting ahead of myself. You can find the latest update here! "


We wish them good luck and hope to be able to meet with them a gain some time on the road. In the meantime we will be following their tracks trhough their blog