About us

The team. Guðný and Kristján are a team of photographer/artist/writer that love to travel and share their experience with others.

Having worked in different venues through out the years where our abilities to write design and take pictures have been explored to the fullest, we have had our articles and photographs published in all major media in Iceland as well as in other countries.

Kristjan with his background in press Photography and then advertising photography has received numerous Icelandic and international merits and awards for his images and some are now used as textbook examples in universities on how to make advertising.

Guðný with here backgrounds in the arts and nursing has participated in many exhibitions and worked for magazines and other publications writhing about health issues as well as other issues. We are a adventurous traveling team of husband and wife as we got married on May 24 2006, after living together for 16 years.

Both have experimented widely with in our field of speciality. Guðný with in Printmaking and paper making and Kristján with in Photography and the digital media.

Our travel stories have been published in the oldest newspaper in Iceland as well as in one of the more respected magazine in Iceland. We have also been interviewed by Icelandic as well as foreign media because of our travel.

As we travel we will take on assignments both in writing and picture making. If you want to contact us with a business proposal or just ask us about any thing regarding this travel feel free to drop us a line at benzitravel at gmail.com