Stuck in Bergen

Hraun art and design web shop
Hraun art and design web shop

It might sound as a bad thing, us being stuck in bergen, Norway but its not as bad as it sounds. Of course we would love to be on the road again but as things did tumble down the road to hell after the financial crash in Iceland we have had to lear to look at life differently. There we draw from the experience gathered while on the road.

San Javier in Baja California

Man walkling in the cobblestone streets of San Javier in Baja California

Life is like a pebble stone road. For most of us at least, driving the highway of life is not a smooth couch ride nor is it a glamorous jet set life at the cocktail bar. Still every one of us strive for the same. Freedom. Freedom to exist with in our own boundaries of the sheltered life we like to build. Freedom with in the walls of the fort we build around us and our family. We like to think that any one, stepping out side these walls of security must be mad, because outside of our circle there is no shelter and only danger.



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